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The pick and choice in both natural and composite stones have witnessed dramatic changes in recent times. Customer preferences, especially for flooring, have moved beyond traditional whites and their variations. Today more and more people are experimenting with colours, patterns and textures that till recently were not available in India.

In the natural stones segment, the darker shades of grey , brown and mocca have come in vogue and are giving a tough competition to the contemporary white and beige shades. Quite a few projects, mostly in flooring, are experimenting with a combination of all four shades. The pairing of white with grey, and brown with beige is also seen to be gaining in popularity.

Seawoods Station – Navi Mumbai

In the composite stones segment, white marble has continued to remain as the top pick and are mostly installed in living areas as these are not only beautiful and elegant in appearance but, being a composite, are also strong, versatile, and durable

Marble’s quality of remaining timeless while exuding distinction has been the prime reason for architects to opt for it over other stones. Whether natural or composite, marble allows to be experimented with and its versatility allows for it to be mixed and matched in various applications irrespective of the area or the space. Marble can be as befitting an installation in majestic structures as it can be for smaller ones without losing any of its charisma.

Meanwhile, advancements in technology have radically changed the composite marble space. Technology has made it possible for the creation of stones in a wide variety of colours, design patterns and textures. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for interior designers and architects who are now conceiving innovative designs and moving away from tradition.

From CMC’s natural stone portfolio Michelangelo, Berberi Beige, Classic Fieno and Armani Brown have been identified as being popular choices for Classic décor styles while the Bronze Armani and Casa Grey are being popularly chosen for combination installations.

  • blogCMC’s Showroom in Mumbai
  • blogHiranandani Lobby – Ahmedabad

On the other hand, Terra, Otteman Beige, Raffaele, Paladio Grey and Tivoli are also trending in shades of beige and grey in the Kalingastone marble segment as these offers a subtle union of traditional and modern designs.


Paladio Grey on wall with Fresh Concrete on Floor

In high-end commercial projects that include hotels, retail establishments and showrooms CMC’s Blue Illusion, Giallo Sinea and Amazonite have emerged as unanimous picks from its collection of exotic Granite and Quartzite.

  • productAmazonite
  • productGiallo Sinea
  • productBlue Illusion

In the larger, high-traffic areas especially exteriors of office establishments and commercial premises, composite marble or quartz are increasingly becoming the preferred material. Shades of grey and white are in demand for such applications and CMC’s flagship product – KalingaStone Classic Ligne in the quartz category with its signature veined patterns has emerged as the ultimate choice in Kitchen tops and vanity counters.

Material Used – Calcatta Oro

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