Why use natural stone?

The use of natural stone has undergone a massive revival in recent years. Increasingly, people are re-discovering the durability, versatility and inherent beauty of stone as appreciated through the centuries. .

Are natural stones suitable for any room in the home?

Yes. We have a stone or range of stones suitable for any living space in your home. We can suggest you materials depending on your room décor, taste and budget..

Are natural marble expensive?

Some of the natural stone tiles from CMC compare favourably in price with many porcelain tiles making them practical and affordable as well as uniquely beautiful. We do also supply some exclusive marble and exotic granite from the very best quarries but because we import directly, we can give them to our customers at the best rates.

Do natural stone tiles require specialist fixing?

It is a wise investment to ensure that the installation is carried out by experienced people who really understand the nature of the materials. To give you absolute peace of mind, we have our own teams of specialist installers who have worked on some of the most prestigious properties.

Can stones be laid on any floor surface?

The fixing surface needs to be flat and solid. It is possible to lay stone tiles on a wooden base provided it is sturdy and does not flex. Ceramic and porcelain tiles would be just as susceptible to cracking on a poorly prepared surface. We can advise on and supply additional products to ensure that the base is sufficiently stable for tiling.

How do I find out more?

Get in touch by email or simply phone 022 4140 4140. Tell us what you need to know and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Does natural stone stain easily?

Natural stone will not stain easily as long as it is sealed and maintained properly.

How often does the stone need to be sealed?

We recommend that your stone be sealed by a professional every five years.

Where is can I use natural stone?

Natural Stone can be used external, internal. Cladding, bathroom wall and floor, kitchen bench top, fire place, columns, driveway, footpath, stairs, shopping centres, commercial and residential projects.

How can I protect the Natural Stone if I used?

You can protect your Natural Stone by applying penetrated sealer or wax depends where you have used the Stone. (You can contact one of our consultants for assistance or you can ask your professional Stone Mason).

Does the Natural Stones crack?

Normally Natural Stones doesn’t crack. Cracks could happen from wrong installation, floor & wall movement or using non quality & defect Stone. (There is some beautiful Marble & Onyx have some vein need to be clean & resin so can be easy to maintain).

Can be Natural Stone used around swimming pool, public area & in what thickness?

Yes. Can be used with the right advice from the professional in what finish can be used. (Flamed, Sandblast, Bush Hammer, Honed Finish).

Can I have sample?

Yes. But we recommend that you look the full slabs of Natural Stone to see the variation in the colour to make sure that you have done the right choice.

What range of thickness we can get?

Natural Stone can be from 16mm up to wherever thickness required..