TECHLAM sheet has secured itself as the best solution for floors, walls and other construction elements. Its technical characteristics of durability, hygiene and flexibility make it a versatile product that can be used in multiple applications.

Technical Characteristics

  • Versatility: TECHLAM is a large size panel 1000 x 3000 mm that can be adapted to all sizes.
  • Waterproof Qualities: Almost zero water absorption. Water liquids, organic materials and graffiti cannot penetrate into this material.
  • Hygienic surfaces: TECHLAM meets all the necessary hygiene requirements for its use in aseptic spaces. Fully compatible with food stuffs. The product can be cleaned extremely easily. Its wide dimensions considerably reduce the area of joints between sheets where bacteria easily reproduce.
  • Unalterabe Colors: Without any organic pigment, TECHLAM can resist UV radiation and extreme climatic conditions.
  • Fire Resistance: TECHLAM is a high temperature resistant material, which does not produce any toxic smoke.
  • Chemical Product Resistant: TECHLAM is resistant to detergents and disinfectants.
  • Breaking Strength: High breaking point.
  • Hardness: scratch and abrasion resistant.
  • Environmental Friendly: 100% natural. TECHLAM does not release any substances; it can be easily milled and recycled.