Indian quartz market

The Indian Quartz market is dominated by organized players which constitute for around 80 per cent and the remaining 20 per cent is operated under the unorganized sector. The current size of the Indian quartz market is just over INR 550 crore with Classic Marble Company (CMC)’s brand KalingaStone leading the market in this segment.


Quartz is a common stone and is available across the world in abundance. But to name a few, India, Africa, Brazil and Turkey are known quality sources for quartz.


Gujarat and Rajasthan are the manufacturing hubs for Quartz stone industry and contribute significantly to exports. The demand for quartz stone broken up region-wise shows 35% demand in the West, 32% in the South, 28% in the North and a mere 5% in the East. The domestic market is rapidly expanding however, at present quartz is mostly used in five-star hotels and luxury homes.The Quartz is used mostly in airports, luxury hotels and resorts, hospitals and malls.


CMC’s KalingaStone quartz is manufactured at its state of the art factory in Silvassa which is spread across 200,000 sq. m.


The manufacturing facility enables our research team to innovate and introduce exclusive colours and patterns in the quartz category that are otherwise found in exotic granite. Technology not only facilitates customization of the nature-inspired designs in the


engineering quartz but also brings the same kind of polish and finish in the product as its available in natural stone, metal or any other material.


We have all high–tech machineries at our plant which involves minimal human intervention.


The newest quartz line is created using state of the art technology featuring a full automated production line, starting from feeding the raw material to the stacking of the slabs. The automated production line is capable of producing slabs in super jumbo dimension of 3300 X 2000 mm (in addition to the regular size)


The factory currently produces 15 million sq.ft of quartz per annum


Challenges associated with the general/post-Covid quartz industry


The enforced lockdown due to Covid-19 has affected many businesses. Many sectors remained completely shut including infrastructure and construction which did impact our industry. The demand has reduced from some of our major buyers including hotels and other commercial establishments including offices and malls. Now that businesses are slowly re-opening, it will be some time before we will realise the challenges in the Quartz or even generally, the Stones industry.


In the luxury home segment, quite a few customers have begun some or the other home- improvement activity. As people have been spending more time in their homes, many have felt the urge for makeovers. We expect the demand for natural as well as engineered stones to grow back to the pre-lockdown levels in 3 to 6 months, at least in residential projects.


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