Façade applications offered by CMC

KalingaStone marble – This is our flagship product which is amongst the most popular of all  others. An engineered product, KalingaStone marble is used for façade applications for all  kinds of buildings. The product is light, durable, easy in maintenance and can be installed  with simple fixtures.

Kalesinterflex – This is a new generation porcelain product and is one of the most popular  choices in façade applications for tall structures. The porcelain slabs are extremely light,  tough, durable, resistant to fire, water and dust, and hence are easy to maintain. The  distinguishing aspect of this product is the flexibility radius of 5.5m, allowing for the large  slabs to be installed on concave and convex surfaces. The products are rated very high for  fire resistance, fungi protection and resistant to scratch or crack, among other features.

Sustainability is the latest demand in façades with more and more architects wanting to  deliver the best solutions to their clients. Function and form are equally important and  materials that look good as well as last are the choice for today’s buildings. Our  Kalesinterflex range in porcelain tiles is the best in the world and which meet the  aforementioned criteria.

CMC’s Kalesinterflex has a 5.5m range of flex that allows installation of the slab over  concave and convex surfaces. The light weight slabs, with thicknesses of either 3mm or  5mm makes handling easy and ideal for wall cladding and façade applications, especially in  tall structures.

Kalesinterflex also offers translucent porcelain slabs that are suitable for exterior cladding  applications. Kinetic façades are the latest in installation systems. The system allows façade  panels to be oriented in different directions on the building surface. The panels are pivoted  on a mechanical system which allows it to incline on the surface. The building façade  become a dynamic surface which is done primarily to allow regulated entry of natural light

and wind. This reduces the dependency on the HVAC system and saves energy  consumption. Presently it is being adopted in many European countries, but in India it is still  in its nascent stages.

Metallic tones in matt finish are the trending in façade designs. More and more buildings  are being skins that appear singular and seamless which means that the façade panels need  to be in the largest dimensions to minimise the breaks in installation. Again our  Kalesinterflex range offers the largest and the slimmest possible porcelain slabs for façade  applications. The largest dimension available in this product range is 3000 x 1000mm.

Architects prefer to use lightweight materials in exterior claddings that are aesthetically  pleasing and are sustainable. Large size porcelain slabs, high pressure laminates, Aluminium  Composite Panels (ACP) and metal claddings are trending in the Indian market.

Modern buildings are environment conscious and architects continue to experiment with  designs to make buildings both eco-friendly and innovative. The preference is given to green  products that are more sustainable, light weight and effective for tropical weather.

Façades offer making the building aesthetically beautiful while also offering exteriors the  protection that a building needs. A building façade built with right type of material reduces  its energy consumption, improves natural lighting and conducts the flow of air efficiently.  Buildings are rated or LEED certified based on parameters that contribute towards them  being eco-friendly.


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