Terrazzo old-world Charm, New Age design

Every once in a while, the classics make a comeback and the Terrazzo is an iconic example of  it. Like minimalist design has found a place in modern architecture, and in interior design.  The Terrazzo has been the people’s favourite and it’s not surprising that it has resurfaced as  a winner. Especially, now that the stone can be made available in standardised sizes and in  the choicest of designs, colours and patterns, it has become doubly irresistible.

The Terrazzo has a contemporary charm that personifies and celebrates the timeless beauty  of the art décor from the 1920s and 1940s to the modern style and current trends.

The trend in minimalist decor with residential décor has made Terrazzo a hot choice among  the architects and the interior designers. It has a nostalgic appeal and that is the attribute  that Classic Marble Company (CMC) has captured in its Terrazzo marble products. While the  new Terrazzo has all the old-school charm, it is also combined with all the modern features.  CMC’s Terrazzo marble is a modern material that is highly durable and strong, and is easy on  maintenance. Also, since CMC’s Terrazzo is marble based, it can be re-polished whenever  required.

The Terrazzo pairs the beauty of mosaics with the strength and durability of marble. It is  harder than natural marble and hence an ideal choice for flooring, wall cladding, vanity  counters and coffee tables. The product is best suited for exteriors as well as interiors. We  have five brilliant designer collections – Café, Roma, Venetian, Palladiana and Elite, each one  a glorious representation of everlasting beauty. The products are available in a slab size of  304 X 125 cm.

The design of the Terrazzo is a composition of mosaics. So, there are limitless possibilities in  experimenting with the designs. CMC offers the Terrazzo in patterns that have the chip sizes  ranging from small to medium to large. Then based on the palette, we also experiment with  the shades in colours to maintain as the original backdrop of a given slab. We also offer this  material in different finishes like leather, honed and river-wash to give it a rustic and matt  look.


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